Stoned and eating truffles

I’m out of wine, wasn’t willing to deal with creepos at liquor store. So I just got real stoned and am eating some German truffles. It’s pretty all right.

My book has been with my editor for a six days. I should get it back June 30. A few times a day I have s major “ew omg I sent them a smoldering pile of garbage, whyyyyy it’s embarrassing.” It’s just a lot more real how, I guess.

Oscars been doing better. He still walks weird but he’s actually mobile again, he just has a limp. He gets a supplement once a day. Poor little man.

I’m weirdly at a loss for what to do with myself.

We’re not moving. We couldn’t find a cheaper place in an area I would feel safe. And they’re not increasing us here so ehhhhh. Plus not having to move. I might put extra effort into making this place nicer. I would love to be able to use my pole in the living room to it’s full extent. You need a six foot clearance. I’m a huge person.

This Saturday I have to navigate an open bar and being around my coworkers. Lawd pray for me.


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