Ok I’ll admit it

No matter how much I felt like he should have had the good sense to see that an awesome, attractive person was super into him, I’ll say one thing about my brief liaison with Drew –

I’m very glad it happened because it seems like it’ll be the only point in my life when I got/get to have standing up sex. Like legit, I’m wrapped around him, he’s holding me up and fucking me, not even leaning up against a wall, type sex. I weigh like 40 pounds more now than I did then, so the likelihood of a repeat is narrowing. So that was cool to experience. The guy did have a magnificent cock. I’ll say that much.

But he also really really really hurt me. So. I feel a DEEP need to be cruel to him, one that can only be remedied by a total absence of any interaction. What can I say. I never told you I was a good person, or thought I was.

I figured it out.

I feel all the emotions, except one.

Did I tell you before?


Guess which feeling I can’t recall ever feeling.

It makes me a little creepy. Which I’m fine with. Women have that berth. The only berth I get…..ahhhhh now I’m sad

See, I feel stupid feelings all the time, much as I don’t want to. I don’t feel like I can let go of my rage, because the rest will go with it and then I’ll ACTUALLY be scary.


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