Somebody stop her before she hurts herself

How have things been? Pretty decent/great.

Work has been busy and I’ve actually been getting original projects to come up with. So that’s always nice since I spent 42 hours a week there.

My book was just today sent to the editor for the third and final round of edits, then I will pay my editor to proofread it, THEN it should be ready for publishing. So then I just need to have an author website and a cover and a map designed by then. Then I just have to learn how to successfully market myself. Ahhhhhhhh. I sold a spare car. That’s the only reason I have money for this. And I’m almost down to the last $1000 from that. And proofreading is $1.50 per page. Disturbing. THEN the astronomical cost of self publishing.

And, after these costs, and after my lovely $88K in student loans….my book series would have to be WILDLY successful for me to ever see true profit.

That being said, I would like to take this moment to point out that I’m not doing this for the money. The point is not to be rich and famous. The point is people reading my book. I think it’s good. I’ve worked harder on it than mere words can quantify.

Next weekend I take the train solo to Chicago to visit my bestie. I haven’t been to see her in five years.

I’m also on a new plan I invented myself where I only drink one day per week. During that one day I don’t have any set limits but a six pack seems to do me well.

I’m doing it this way because I can’t think of any other way for it to work. Totally abstaining just makes me want to give in. Drinking but in “moderation” doesn’t work because it’s real hard to stop once you start, when you’re me, and most other alcoholics I would say. But if it’s one day a week it makes not drinking the other six days easier since you know it’s coming soon. It makes resistance easier. And then you are lowering your tolerance and overall intake, obviously, if you’re going from seven days a week to one. So that’s happening.

Then tomorrow is my first day going to the intermediate pole class. It was a year last February that I had been going to beginner intro. I felt it was finally time, and the school was adamant I was ready. So that’s fun. Pole is literally the one thing I regularly do for fun.

Well that’s it. That’s my life right now. None too shabby. Less lonely, unsure as to why because nothing’s changed. Possibly therapy is to blame yet again.


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