Taking a hot bath, you have no idea how decadent this is for me

Well it’s night #1, and let me say out of the start we had I’m very happy with the evening’s outcome. We woke up at 8am after 5 hours of sleep and ran an errand style mele until 2 when we left. I drove the entire 4.5 hour trip. It’s SO FUCKING PRETTY driving from southeastern Michigan by Detroit to on the coast of Lake Michigan across from Green Bay. Like it’s magical. For real.

We got here around 7, made a reservation at the resort’s fancy restaurant (pics included) for 8:15 and hung out and unpacked and smoked weed until then. Then we had an amazing meal at the restaurant, it’s literally on the water, it reminded me of a restaurant called Holly’s Landing from my hometown that’s been closed for decades, but my family went there a lot. The place we went to is called Rocks Landing. I had two gin based cocktails then a shot of gin straight, then we walked back to our apartment on the water. My husband took a bath (because we can’t do that at home) now it’s my turn. This place would be perfect for a foursome swap type situation, maybe one day we’ll do that here. Until then we’re going to spend the next two days enjoying ourselves and relishing in the idea that these last five years were hard fought indeed.

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