TOMORROW I’m going to get my author pictures taken. Eeeeeeeeee!

I took out a $3000 loan to publish my book. And all that money is already allocated. Most is going to the publisher of course, and I’m having them design a cover for me because I AM OVER hoping my husband will get around to it.

So I made my photo appointment and the only days that worked were tomorrow or the fourth and that’s my husband’s birthday so it’s sooner than I imagined! I also posted an ad on Craig’s List for a map. Im paying $550 for a cover and $100 for a hand drawn map. The photo shoot is $100. Then I have to buy the copyrights and the ISBNs. AND THATS IT. Isn’t it disturbing that something I’ve been putting thought into for a decade and working full time on for two years is actually nearing completion.

So where does this leave me and my deep obsession with editing? Well my ad says I need the map by the 16th of next month. If all goes well that will be the last thing I add into the manuscript I’m sending to the publisher, I’m letting them format it. A poorly formatted book is ruinous. Fuck it. So I get probably one more edit after my current. I passed the 60% make yesterday, so I should be able to get though it then go through one more time by the time my map artist is done. Then ITS HAPPENING FOR REAL.

Eeeeeee! I don’t remember the last time I was this excited. Not my wedding because my wedding wasn’t mine, I was just the bride. But I didn’t pay a cent for my wedding either so was I supposed to complain? I did not, I took the $20,000 gift and looked fabulous. Note that’s what they spent on us not what they gave us.

So in a month CF1 should be published. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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