Retail Memory 1

Watching a Reddit thread about bad employment situations and, well this story came to mind.

When I started grad school I got a managerial job at a Petco. I’d worked at a family owned pet store throughout my bachelors so it seemed right. Petco had a rewards program at the time, spend $100 and get a $5 off coupon as long as you have a PALS account. Cashiers were instructed to ask every customer if they had a PALS, but I know from experience some people just don’t want to write out their address.

I had been there for all of a month. A cashier who had been at the store for years came through my line, which makes sense, only managers can give employee discounts. I didn’t know this cashier (Sarah was her name I think) went out of her way to make sure I was the only one around when she was rung up. She had a stack of $5 off coupons, to the point her bag of shitty Pedigree dog food was nearly free. Meaning she would have spent nearly $1000 in the store to earn so many $5 off coupons.

Well, later that day, one of the managers above me decided to wonder how an employee who never bought anything from the store (managers would know, we rang them up) had so much in rewards. Some easy investigation revealed Sarah was adding her own PALS account onto the purchase of any customer who didn’t give one. It seems like a victimless crime, but it’s still shady and dishonest. She knew exactly what she was doing.

She was confronted about the situation and decided to quit on the spot (she was leaving at the end of the summer for college, having been in community college until then, she was early 20s).

Then, THEN, my boss, the store’s general manager, had to point the finger at me a little bit, pointing out to me and others that I should have questioned why an employee could accrue so many PALS rewards. I was livid. I should have just assumed this employee was doing something fraudulent? I was new and a manager but I should have automatically been like “I’m sure this is a result of you stealing, you look like trash, you can’t afford to shop this much I can tell.” ???

This is just one of many many many different times the management at that store was a fucking CUNT. I dealt with her for nearly three years. She quit to go to a different job which promptly fired her less than a month later. Because she was useless and lazy and a fucking giant bitch on top of that. She added me on Facebook. She thought we were cool, despite having gone out of her way to treat me like shit for three years.

Fuck you Dianna. I hope you always get the cart with the bent wheel and you stub your pinkie toe every day.

I should write more retail stories.

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