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First book - to be published January 2020.

Could the world BE any more different?

I don’t mean to channel Chandler Bing, but to be fair he was a strong masculine influence on my during my formative years, just like Niles Crane and Homer Simpson.

But really though, think about how things are from how they were the last time I blogged. I made a bunch of personal world change decisions, then the world also kind of changed as well for like everyone.

I moved. To a city about 30 miles away from my former residence. Everyone refers to where I now live as the west side. Our house is so much better in every way.

I quit my office job. March 13 was my last day. On March 20 they laid off everyone in my department. So on the one hand I missed all of that, on the other I’m missing out on unemployment, I guess. But I also don’t want to go back there.

I’m not 100% on where my income is coming from. I have the at-home job, but it’s not going to bring in nearly what my former job did. Plus who knows with how things are they might fire their freelance people. I need to start scrounging for jobs. But I’ve been busy with the next point.

My book is nearly done. I received my most recent proof on March 7th. Between quitting my job and moving I was fairly preoccupied, still I managed to get through the 520 pages in 20 days. I sent Book Baby my corrections at like 11am last Friday….they bounced back the next proof in five hours. They must be BORED. So I merely checked up on their corrections (they were all right) and then I had more notes on the table of contents. I’m still displeased with it. It’s important. Anyway. I REFUSE to read it through one more time. I’m merely checking up on last minute stuff right now. Like did I use capital or capitol? Is Greenhouse capitalized every time I use it? How many times do I reference THIS. So on and so on. I never thought I was a perfectionist…but apparently I am when it comes to something like this.

So. Book Baby will probably get back to me on Monday. I don’t see why they wouldn’t get way fewer corrections done more quickly. And then if all is well on Monday I will be giving the go-ahead for the proof to be printed. Either today or yesterday I called Book Baby and had them update my shipping address. Obviously it was different in January when I first submitted. So. It’s happening. I’m making sure it’s effing happening. I can go on obsessing forever.

I did my therapy appointment on video chat on my phone on Wednesday, I liked it. It felt like any regular therapy session, but without a commute or waiting room. So I was down. But I did also change him to every other week instead of once a week, because of money. It’s a $30 copay, so cutting that in half every month is kind of a lot. These days.

Well. I guess i should address the fact that things are more fucked than they’ve ever been. The writer part of me is like woo boy it’s this generation’s first pandemic! This is a bad way to think and should not be admitted to. It’s also serious and I’m trying to do what I can to contain it. I go out once a week for groceries. I go to Walmart right when they open (which these days is 7am….SO WEIRD. It’s like being in super northern Michigan).

I’m going to cancel my 32nd birthday plans, as they involve staying at a hotel. And who’s trying to do that right now? So now I made an Amazon list that’s totally at home stuff, either cross stitch or other craft supplies, or stuff to make taking baths amazing, like a bath pillow and bath caddy…and bath salts and bubble bath and bath bombs with a tiny plastic Pokemon inside…..

I’m good at finding things that’ll make my current situation better. I’m also really good at rationing. When you grow up less than optimal in the finance department, you learn certain things. My husband just didn’t. Why would he? I get it.

I’m also really good at just chilling at home. Plus these past two weeks I’ve been really preoccupied with getting the house situated, unpacking, decorating, then of course cooking meals and taking care of cats and laundry, the usual costs of living, time-wise, you know. Until you’re rich enough to pay other people to do those sorts of things for you.

So. Things are so different now. My book is still going forward. You know what’s like…kind of funny? There’s a quarantine that places people under house arrest in my book. Towards the very end. HA. I was thinking more Bubonic plague than what’s happening right now…but still…weird to see those words, written SO LONG AGO. Due to be published next month, I guess. Plus I supposed it’s nice that for my birthday I’ll at least have printed copies of my first printed book in hand. That’s pretty cool. 8 of my former coworkers pre-bought copies from me. I’m going to offer to mail them to them individually once I have them. Since it was so nice of them to do that. Plus maybe they’ll read it because they have the time right now.

My mom is still working through all of this, she’s deemed essential by the hospital. So I’m still hearing from her 5 days a week, so that’s nice. BUT, on Friday, around 5:15pm, I got a call from her phone. She NEVER EVER EVER calls me, especially not from her cell phone. I feel like this was my horrible dad trying to get me to answer, using my mom’s phone because I’m WAY more likely to answer for her, and well we all know it. He’s done that EXACT thing before. So. Unsurprised I would be. He sucks like that.

That’s one thing that I’ve truly come to appreciate, at my age, is the SPECIAL brand of terrible Willis Chroninger II really was.

For example.

I learned at a young age, say 8-10 that I could not keep money in my piggy bank. He’d take it, as the need arose. Which was a lot. He WOULD write an IOU and put it in said piggy bank (which I still have, BTW, it’s with my most precious sentimental items. I have a lot of those. I’m like that). BUT STILL. It’s a weird thing to have to deal with as a kid. He was weird about money. And by weird I mean utterly terrible and entitled. He got that from his parents. His mom was one of those weird people who would have $1000 cash in her purse but when they died the back taxes were so intense on his parents’ houses that his sister and her husband had to swoop in and pay them before the bank took possession. But then my dad felt super entitled to constant free access to the hunting camp anyway and then there was other weird drama about paying for processing a deer one hunting season and then about my dad’s annoying born again Christian spiel and my aunts’ combined dislike of religion. My dad got in such a big snit towards them he changed our phone number. Yeah.

Also, I did a month of Clomid to no success. I started my period on the 24th right on schedule, more or less. So now I’m taking it again. You try Clomid for 3 months, then if you’re not pregnant after that you have to try something else. Something more. We’ll see. Effort. Things. Stuff.

I met up with friends on Facetime, we talked for about 2 hours. They make me hope I only have boys, if I have children. IDK. The people I’m most jealous of are the ones who don’t have kids who definitely 100% don’t want them. That would be nice. In a way I’m jealous of people with kids…but at least until then I’m out here enjoying life only having to worry about myself and the cats and my husband. Plus like…idk, look at my poor mother. Look at the odds she got. Yeah you can blame her choice of spouse but a lot of women are married to shit bags so you can’t be like oh we’re only taking a sample of two parents who are both actually good parents because i feel like that’s rare. Maybe that’s just my specific upbringing talking.

So, now that it is Sunday (I started this blog on Saturday and didn’t finish it, what a shock) I can say that I’ve done my one weekly outing and purchased groceries. Pretty much everyone is wearing masks these days. I suppose I would but I don’t have any. They say things will get worse before they get better. Right now my life isn’t so awful, or awful at all. I’ve read too much about too much hardship to think I’ve ever lived poorly.

Well, it’s a beautiful spring day, after about 5 days of overcast rainy days. I have enough weed and enough beer and my book is at the publisher. I have a suspicion they’ll get it back to me tomorrow, which is REALLY exciting because that means by next week I should have my printed books! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Anyway, I hope you’re doing okay. My best personal advice is to AVOID ALL THE NEWS. You don’t need to know the stats as they renew each hour to stay safe. Do that by staying home, doing the 5 things the CDC is saying to do. Obsessing and worrying is bad.

Take care


I used the guise of free pizza to humblebrag to coworkers and I’d do it again.

I’m literally just so desperate for some form of discussion about my book. I sent the six “young” ones (the 7 of us range from 32-22) an email asking where I should buy pizza the day before my Book Birthday. I did this in part because to me, with my German upbringing, you use food to celebrate a huge occasion, or anything, or to express affection…or emotion. I bought REALLY fancy cupcakes from one of those cupcake only bakeries to grad school the last class I had before getting married….and ONE PERSON took one. I was miffed all to hell. I honestly have wanted to bring in food for my coworkers on more than one occasion, but it’s always cheaper to NOT do it. Well my book matters this much to me, and how better to announce it without actually douchily announcing it? As if I haven’t thought about it a lot.

I always think about it. With the sort of person I am, my best moments take place largely in my head. Which sounds sad, I guess, until one considers that that means there are people whose thoughts and minds are their own worst enemies…and is that not much worse? Maybe I’m just on my side of things. I often always am. But I’m trying to get better at seeing when I’m being a fucking angry twat and need to be nice. I try to be nice, like my mom, but then also NOT like her because it was all a fucking act and boy was she different in the evenings at home. Not to say she was the bad parent. She wasn’t. Not. Even. Close. But she saved her frustrations and bad moods from ALL day for at home…that was certain. And it’s not like she had a remotely respectable or even decent husband and helper, as she should have, as one who remains through such trials as my mother deserves. Or maybe she doesn’t. I can’t figure it out, what it is that keeps her there. I mean, I stay at a stagnant, pointless job in an industry I don’t like, but that’s not fitting some pattern of abuse from my childhood, that’s literal and complete laziness. Do you realize how much work job hunting is? I find little else more demoralizing than the time and effort involved in such a process. And I have a really good work and school history. I do not understand how other people make it.

But I’m almost out of time re: no book free time. I received an email today stating my proofs would be ready soon, and it was my responsibility to read the entire thing through and get back to them in this VERY exacting manner. They send you a PDF to a fucking manual. You’d think I was designing rocket ships at NASA or some shit. So, soon enough I’ll be doing what I’ve done like 895 other times. I am excited to see what this designer has made of the $500 and one garbled paragraph I gave them to make a cover. IDK what a $500 book cover looks like but it better not scream self-published. Not to be a cunt or anything, but you can tell…sometimes.

I realized I am incapable of writing a day in the life snapshot about my life as it is right now. Not that it isn’t ordinary. But I’m not capable of talking about the mundanity of a day without delving into some ridiculous detail about my life, with a length and thoroughness antithetical to my actions in life. Here, let me try.

Most Tuesdays begin in the same way. A struggle with hitting snooze once more and weighing the necessity for spare time because my laziness the evening prior extended to leaving my lunch to be packed the morning of, as I so did not prefer. I’ve gotten my clothes out the night before, before any day that contained work or school, since I was a young child. Days off are entirely different, of course, because I’m not using an alarm to wake up and get somewhere at a specific time. I need to not have to think upon first waking. I need to be able to end my snooze war with grabbing whatever ensemble I pieced together the night before and hustling into the bathroom where the comfort of a hot shower awaits. I lure myself with rewards throughout my day, every day. It’s literally how I’ve lived my entire life. First the shower, then being warm with my clothes on, then putting my jewelry and make up and perfume on. I am aware many people do not relish these things as rewards, but frankly, I’m not among them. I don’t know why I’m so materialistic, when I’m also pretty obsessed with hating on the rich, and it’s in it’s own unique way (I’d like to think) but i know i love things. Like shoes and boots and make up and perfume and jewelry and dresses and skirts and accessories everyone compliments and skin everyone compliments and being noticed as some sort of tall, sexy Amazon gazelle everywhere you go at least by a few people. And if you think that isn’t true, you’re wrong. I KNOW, no one can say things like this without sounding like the most annoying full of themselves piece of shit on the planet, I GET IT, I would hate these words coming out of another mouth, I know I know I know. But like, I can’t help I think highly of myself. I just fucking do. That’s my parents and grandma’s fault. If there was ONE thing that trio united over, it was how great I was. Of course my father still had his moments of…lets just call it psychoses….but like…he WASN’T one of those fathers who held back their approval or praise or admiration for things well done, mostly grades. Like he actually wasn’t withholding. Not with me. I know he told me once when I was pretty young that he’d always love me no matter what. I’m SURE his own father NEVER said anything of the sort, or even thought it, about his three children. I mean, I’m sure my father thinks that’s true of himself. I think he thinks he’s great, because if he doesn’t think that, if he’s aware of just how awful and miserable and disgusting his existence has become….that’s really, really sad. It doesn’t make me feel bad, not the way it should, but I’m aware of what the mentally unwell cannot help but do, time and time again.

SEE, SEE WHAT I MEAN? What the sweet fuck was I even talking about? I haven’t gotten past getting ready in the morning. Jesus Lord. Okay lets go on.

So, my second big reward of the day beyond getting ready? I also like getting dressed because I like clothing, and fun outfits, and dressing in a noticeable way. I’m 5’9″ and I strut about in heels most days that typically clock me in around 6′. I’m not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen….but I have an ASTONISHING mixture of lovely facial bone structure (YOU SHOULD HAVE my cheekbones and nose, my chin is great, my forehead IS too big, and my lips are EH, the shape of the mouth is fine but THIN LIPPED is a definite true description of me, great teeth now that I’m post braces, though I do drink so much coffee I could never have those too-white bleached teeth that are so popular) and soft, soft skin, and REALLY nice natural D tits, and a REALLY nice full ass. Like I can’t help that these things are true and I notice and enjoy them. I AM AWARE I didn’t do anything to earn them. Well ass one can argue that is earned, a bit. But IDK, musculature is genetic, it seems. I’ve had the line down the stomach ab muscle situation since I was a child. I’m 5’9″ like I’m obsessed with mentioning, and it’s EVENLY distributed. I don’t have overly gangly long legs or a long ass torso, but a good mix of both. I don’t need long pants, I need curvy ones, don’t get me wrong, but longs end up dragging. But, I literally never wear pants aside from sweatpants at home. I wear a dress or skirt every day, again because I like them. I enjoy it. I completely understand not wanting to do such things. I’m sure MANY people comment to each other than I go bare-legged in the dead of winter but like…EH whatever. You’re going to be fucking cold no matter what, wear what you fucking want. That’s how I feel. And pants make me feel fat. Dresses don’t. AND dresses and skirts stay with you through a tremendous level of weight gain or loss.

AND AGAIN. I cannot control myself. I mean obviously. Please don’t tell me I struck you as someone with self control. Only the anger descends and wins, and that trumps the desires. Nothing else. But doesn’t anger always win? They say it’s the short-lived emotion that burns you up…but….you must first examine it’s source before you assert such things.

A major reward of the morning is the pre work smoke. I know I shouldn’t admit these things…but who read this far, really? Long ago, when I was a wee early twenties college student, I would use the idea of smoking a cigarette and buying a fountain diet Coke on my way to work as a means of getting going, but I gave up all that shit long ago. Now, it’s the pre work weed. I give myself 15-20 minutes to get there. I spend the first hour pleasantly stoned. I’ve been doing this for over four years. I suppose one can argue it’s illegal to drive stoned…but….idk. It’s like I need it.

Of course, that IS one thing to consider when one is trying to get pregnant. The day before this Tuesday I was frustrated with a doctor who had claimed to call in a prescription on Friday but when we visited the pharmacy they had nothing new for me. It was a simple misunderstanding, but because it happened on a Friday, had to entail two more days of waiting in a process that has been years of waiting.

But when I get pregnant…I can’t have caffeine or weed or booze….DO YOU REALIZE how much of those I consume on the reg? OH GOD. I will probably become obsessed with fancy decaf lattes and milkshakes and sleeping and massages, like literally anything indulgent pregnant women can do, I’ll freaking find it out. FUCK YOU, 23 pounds I’ve lost since the 1st of the year….I guess…..
I already told my husband I would probably get to my goal weight then get pregnant, so I have like a week or so at my last peak. I was at my adult thinnest my freshman and sophomore years in college. But I was very poor then, and opted to eat Taco Bell once a day rather than anything more responsible or healthy. This is also when I picked up my “omg just take out a student loan” habit. I AM like my father in that regard…I guess. Not that I’m dying to point those similarities out….But they’re there. For better or worse (it was worse) he WAS present in my upbringing….on what planet would I have not picked up some of his traits? At some point its unavoidable. Not to the extent of my brother, but to me, maybe.

It’s always dark when I drive to work. I drive through the same part of Warren, surrounded by people just like me on their way to and from work.

My job falls into the “all right” category. It has it’s HUGE bonuses. I don’t wait on people, there are no rude customers. I get to sit at my own desk all day, there’s an hour for lunch that REALLY helps dwindle the ol’ TBR pile. Most of my work is SIMPLE ASS computer shit, and I get $20.50/hour.

I use black coffee to get through the morning. I DO savor the thought of it. That is actually another way I resemble him, TONS of coffee, nothing added, as the day is long. I mean, it’s healthier that way. Teeth staining is superficial.
There’s a 15 minutes break at 10, I usually use it to email my mother so lunch is solely spent reading. 60 minutes is awhile, but when you count having to use the bathroom and 15 minutes on an email before you eat…suddenly you’re reading like 2 pages a day. My current read is 533 pages. It’s SO GOOD. It’s not a new book: The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver, I heard about it from a fellow student back in grad school, she mentioned it in class because she was reading it during her leisure time that semester. I also read my own for fun books during grad school so I was impressed and glad to see it in another. YOU would be SHOCKED to find how many of those fellow students don’t do that. It’s like Ryan was bitter against reading along with everything else, which left more room for feeling sorry for himself. With N, IDK, I knew him a great deal less (ha) and for MUCH less time. It was only ever going to be that one walk back to his car in the cold October rain. I remember thinking that, that even then, something was off. I was too pleasantly drunk to dwell, though. AND ALSO, I at one point wistfully ruminated on the idea that the last time I would ever see Ryan was graduation night that chilly May evening in 2015……BEFORE any of the, you now, illicit affair, occurred. Illicit in the sense I knew it was wrong, not that i was lying or cheating or my husband wasn’t entirely aware the entire time….but I still knew the damage I was doing. I just didn’t care as much.

See how I reward people for listening? More than likely, I WILL talk about them. Grad school was surely an interesting time in my life.

At work, I get 12-1 off, then another 15 at 3pm. I leave at 4. I use all of these facts as means to get through those long, hungry mornings. I’m finally losing weight I’m not about to add fucking breakfast back in and ruin things. I always eat a protein/vegetable lunch (usually turkey cold cuts and sliced cucumbers, both with dijon) and something close for dinner. ALL RIGHT, tonight I’ve had 4 beers for dinner so far. Its self defeating because the drunker you get the less inclined you are to cook. I will literally go to bed without eating some days, but only because of drunkenness, otherwise I at least eat some almonds and cheese and salami. All right I feel like I’m starting to sound eating disordery. I’m not making light, a close friend almost died in high school because of anorexia. But I feel like I AM getting obsessed with dieting. Thing is, cutting out carbs and sugar makes you REALLY lessen your emotional tie with food, because at least in our cases, those are based in sugar/carbs, like cookies and donuts. This diet makes you realize you eat out of habit, or time of day. It makes you look at food at fuel, nothing more, certainly not a source of gratification. That’s a strangely valuable mindset. Granted, I cheat a decent amount. The day I published my book we got sushi and I got fried ice cream (different restaurants). We went to a Korean BBQ place with my in-laws last month. We had risotto and linguine at our fancy dinner the waterpark weekend at the beginning of this month. On Valentine’s Day we had a shit ton of dumplings and then a personal Bundt cake each and then half a large pizza each later on….not to mention beer all along the way. SO YEAH. It’s not like we’ve been pure as the driven snow with this stuff…but….I’m still losing a lot of weight….

Another thing I’m going to cheat for?

The pizza that I mentioned in the subject of this blog!
Lo and behold, I remembered my train of thought..

But I mean I have no one else to discuss my book with…yet……….

All right. It’s 8:15. I either have to go to bed or feed myself…. …. ….

Well this is long overdue

See the issue is, I HAVE been writing blogs. But I keep getting really personal and obsessive and…all right just say it, hateful, like I’m good at being. So I’m like…right, no one needs to see this. So. Here goes a blog I’m not like “Yikes” about.

MY BOOK IS AT THE PUBLISHER. Let’s just lead with the best part. I took out a loan between Christmas and New Years, and now it’s all gone, I spend $3200 on Bookbaby alone. I get proofs sometime between February 18 and 26. I paid those fools $550 to design a DELUXE cover, whatever that means. I’m excited to see how that looks, it best not be cheap looking. Formatting is so expensive too. And my book is so damn long that it costs a lot to print. I mean that only makes So soon I will have my precious proofs! Then not long after that, it’ll all be live online! EEE! March 14th is the first Amazon day. They force you to have a 90 day presale. Right. People are dying to pre-buy a book from an unknown author, and their first self-published book at that. I really want an audio book version, but like…I don’t feel up to the task, and I don’t think I could afford a good voice actor….idk. Anyway. That’s moving forward.

There is ONE MORE TEST I need before they can tell me my fertility is 100% where it needs to be. There are so many freakin’ tests. I’m going tomorrow. After my OB GYN calls me with those results, as long as they’re good she’ll prescribe Clomid, which makes you ovulate a bunch of eggs. Then you try Clomid for 6 months or so, and if you’re not pregnant from that period then they try something else. So that’s where that’s at. We are using THE SHIT out of our health insurance. We’ve had, between the two of us, about three dozen appointments since the 1st of the year. You’d think we were severely ailing, as my Grandma would say. Like on Saturday I went to the eye doctor, I got an exam, a shot of the back of my eye (I have an irregular right optic nerve and I get hella worried it’ll get worse, though it’s probably congenital and has never changed), a contact fitting (along with 12 pairs of one-day contacts and 1 pair of non RX colored contacts. I used to wear violet contacts, when I refused to wear glasses because I was a young, vain thing. Now i need the comfort and cheapness and convenience of glasses. Plus IDK they make you look smarter), and a new pair of glasses because my old ones are too strong for $94. We pay for the best eye insurance. It’s our only “gold level” insurance. Health and dental are both “silver” which isn’t bad, of course, but isn’t dope ass gold. So it was nice, I’m getting super cute red cat eye glasses, they’re actually Coach. And let me tell you, I surely don’t care about that, but maybe that means they’ll last a long time? I’ve been shocked that some designer things are actually BETTER than the cheaper versions. You know what I mean. Like every Christmas I get a new designer purse that my husband picks up at the outlet mall in Birch Run. And it will literally last until the next Christmas. A cheap ass purse from Target or Meijer or Walmart would NOT last like that. They literally just fall apart, on several levels, not to mention they looks shoddy and make you seem a bit of a mess until you replace them. There are certainly some “designer” things that needn’t exist (like socks and underwear, IMO) but yeah, perfume and purses aren’t on that list.
So I’m excited about my Coach glasses (I’ve always wanted red glasses, I already have blue and black and brown, green and purple and RX sunglasses are also on the want list) but keep in mind I have never nor will I ever own a Coach purse. If I got one I would give it to my mom, as having such an item would mean a GREAT deal to her, and IDGAF. Never in my life have I spent more than $50 on a purse, and even that is really pushing it. I don’t see the point. They’re so functional, and go so many places, why spend shit tons on something that will inevitably be befallen with misfortune? But whatever different people like different shit, i get it. I’m snooty as hell about certain things.
Then, I got the wild idea to do our taxes. Now my husband and I have gotten fucked over real good on taxes, before. Like when he had a landscaping job that deducted NO federal taxes….that sucked. And this year he had untaxed income from a freelance job to report AND nearly $1000 in tips from work that he had to report. BUT the good news….in Michigan if you rent, you get about a month’s rent back ($868 vs a $920 rent), and of course student loan interest ($4200 last year) is a write off….for a decade…then those cocks take it away. AND of course, HALF of my husband’s income went towards health insurance. Literally. Hence our obsessively using the insurance whilst we have it. And then, I realized as I was doing the taxes…I needed to claim writing expenses. I paid for Microsoft Word and an editor and a publisher in 2019. My husband bought a used laptop to do his freelance job. These are write offs. Sadly, I have to wait until next year to claim the actual cost of publishing, as I did that at the end of last month. But still. And I’ve made NO money off of my book…yet…so it’s not like I had taxes to pay on that. I’m soon to be one of those people waiting for tiny royalties to trickle in.

Speaking of that. I have a young coworker, someone you want to define as a “good kid”, she’s like early twenties, just a genuinely nice person. Her mom wrote a romance. Your standard historical erotica romance novel. It’s on Amazon so I bought it, when it’s price went down. I told coworker, who was like “Oh she’ll be so excited, when she published none of her friends read it and she got really sad about it.”

I was like OMG THAT IS SO SAD. I will be sure to leave her a good review when I’m done. I will genuinely read it. I can’t at work though, it has your standard dude with submissive woman in his arms situation on the cover. Surprisingly, the model in the picture is really flat-chested. You’d think they’d find someone with big tits for that specific, corseted shot, but whatever.

I like leaving good reviews. I did two on Saturday. One for a friend trying to build an online petsitting business. Someone I know who had at least one child as a result of Clomid…so…that’s encouraging I guess.

So that’s pretty much all that’s going on with me. Book nearly published. Still attempting to have a kid.

Oh yeah, add to the list, DESPERATELY want to get out of my rental house and this area and my current job. Even though it’s been over two weeks since I submitted to the publisher and therefore didn’t have a book to work on (SO WEIRD…I mean there’s the next book in the series and of course I have tons of out of orders scenes of that one already written, but the urgency/need to work at it every day isn’t there, of course), I really haven’t had the time to look for other jobs, let alone apply. It’s a tiring, terrible process, and trying to do so after work is the worst. Especially this last week I was on my period, which for me, sans birth control, is a 7 day extravaganza with EXTREME fatigue as the hallmark symptom. So bad week for job searching overall. And this weekend I had to catch up on cleaning that been long neglected. Last weekend, my first one of freedom, was kind of tied up because we went to Castaway Bay for the night on Saturday. It was fun. We got super pissed at each other because we didn’t know what TF to do when trying to find the restaurant I’d booked our fancy celebration dinner at. The trip was to celebrate Felix’s long life with us and the completion of my first book. But other than that, the night was good. It was alarming because the restaurant is literally inside Cedar Point, like you have to go past the gates, which look barricaded off and has all these ominous signs about being under surveillance, and then you’re RIGHT on the water, like veer off to the left even a little and your vehicle is in the fucking black, frigid water of Lake Erie in the winter. And we weren’t plastered but we’d been drinking, so a cop inquiring what we were up to was unideal. But Waze insisted on us continuing. We called the restaurant and they further explained. Their website could be clearer on this situation. If you know the Sandusky amusement park, this restaurant is across the entrance driveway from the Gemini. I remember that old thing from when I went to C.P. I only ever went with my church. Once ever June a bus of kids from the youth group went down for the day. We also did a few bus trips to Shipshewana and back, over the years. I guess we were pretty adept at poor people fun. More on that.

So Castaway Bay was fun, but also expensive and a lot of driving, and then it’s KIND of a bummer to be at a place so clearly intended for children and families. But we like indoor water parks. And I think it was clear we were there for good times and not being pervy. There were enough solo adult males to make me wonder about others, though.

So I did our taxes. And the amount we got back did what happens to poor people’s brains when they get money. It’s the cause of the phenomenon when someone who doesn’t have money gets some and BLOWS it with shocking quickness. See Buscemi’s Tony in The Sopranos when he finds a huge bag of drugs and money after someone tosses it from a car window in an attempt to evade the police. He leaves the drugs, but the 10s of thousands of dollars is gone in like…a week, before ridiculous suits and extreme gambling. Dude just got out of prison and wants to live.
See, poor people spend so much time and energy and thought (at least…some do) into thinking about things they’d want or do if they had the resources, that it’s quite easy to burn through a wealth of cash in a matter of weeks rather than years.
I’ve already “spent” half of the tax return I technically don’t have yet. I guess I am gambling, and I typically don’t like gambling. Oh well.

I spent it on $163 of jewelry I impulse bought while drunk last night after doing the taxes.
I spent it on $425 to the Bavarian Inn for two nights in their Honeymoon Suite for the night before and night of my 32nd birthday. This is my tenth birthday with my husband.
I spent $160 on Amazon on three books (Salome, The Bell Jar, Where the Crawdads Sing), two articles of clothing (Sleeveless black dress and black pencil skirt), one pair of boots (low heel, light gray, calf length), one fun piece of lingerie for my bday weekend, and five board games (we only own one, time-consuming Monopoly, so I bought Battleship, Clue, Candyland, Yahtzee and Sorry! We like playing board games and watching Youtube music video compilations. It’s fun. And sometimes you need a break from the same three streaming services. Lol listen to me complain. Child me, who was restricted to my father’s selection of historical, war-related VHSs and little else beyond the Disney movies of my earliest youth would be appalled. I’ve seen Dances with Wolves WAY too many times.)

So. Yeah. That’s how easy it is. The clothing and boots are for work. I wouldn’t buy dress (by my standard) clothing for no reason. I didn’t the years I worked retail. I think that’s why I already wear a dress or a skirt to work. I enjoy it. I like having a reason to own heels. It’s nice to remember that you can wear what you want, and feel how you want about yourself in certain articles, and you’re not pushing femininity any further down that downward spiral its so on. Like strippers, who take advantage of that spiral but also perpetuate it. The games are for fun. I am running kind of low on books to….

It’ll be nice to do something fun and different for my birthday. And Bavarian Inn has some waterpark ish attractions, like huge slides, and then they have 5 pools and 1 is adults only, and like 3 hot tubs, and 1 is again adults only. And oh yeah, it’s the Honeymoon Suite so there’s a king bed with a balcony with a cheesy German style balcony overlooking the river and there’s a huge whirlpool bathtub with a mirror above it RIGHT next to the bed. I’ve never stayed in such a hotel room, but I know they exist. That’s one thing we like doing, staying in super fancy hotels, even if they’re nearby and only for one night. So that’ll be dope. And then we have the lakeview cabin booked for the weekend right after Labor day weekend. Our actual anniversary weekend was all booked up, somehow, already, so we were like well fuck it, it’s way more likely to be warmer and summer like at the beginning of September anyway. We might actually get to use the lake. Last time we just had to entertain ourselves with the many hiking trails, which we did, because we both love that shit, except I got upset with him when we got lost, and one time when he was being rude about me “wasting” weed. But hopefully come September we’re living somewhere else and I have a different job. And I’ll be that dick who takes time off right after they start. Oh well.
So I have two vacations planned for the year. Maybe I’ll sneak in a Chicago weekend again. That is fun, in the summer. Fuck that city in the winter. Michigan is bad enough. Then in March I’m getting my permanent eyeliner touched up I mean it’s an organic pigment tattoo, it’s going to fade. And I barely get any sun. I guess I rub my eyes a lot. But i took a four day weekend for that this time. Your eyes are SO swollen and gooey for a few days after. It’s bad. You look like you’ve been crying nonstop for days. But your perfect eyeliner though. It’s worth it, but boy does it suck.

Anyway, I need to finish my Valentine’s Day crafts, because you know I make those. And then I need to apply for jobs for a bit.

I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. I have 30 more to go. I want to weight what I weighed when I got married 6 years ago. Isn’t that insane to hear me say? I rarely admit such things. Yet it always burns at the back of my mind that if he were around my father would DEFINITELY comment on my weight gain, probably every time I say him. That’s how he is. My god he never let it drop with my poor mother. Anyway. I haven’t been to see Dave alone in a week, and I’m not seeing him this week because I have a regular doctor appointment instead, because my headaches seem to be worse. I’ve never vomited from a migraine before, just had nausea. I left work at noon the next day because I was worried it would happen again. Fricking stupid. So I have TWO doctors appointments next week, and yesterday I just maxed out the ol’ vision insurance. Oh yeah, now that I have my husband’s common ass last name, there’s someone else registered at my optometrist with the same name as me AND the same birthday. I’m not shocked, a lot of people are born in April, and his last name is the Smith of Germany.
Sunday afternoon. Bleh. Next weekend is pretty far off. This is a week of waiting. At least there’s Valentine’s Day. We’re not doing gifts, we’re getting dumplings. It’s a big deal, we typically only get them on Valentine’s Day.
Hope all is well.