Cassandra Mason is 34 years old, she lives in Michigan with her husband and two cats. Circumstantial Fortune is her first book, and the first in the Last Call Series. Book Two, Coincidental Fate is set to be published in 2023.

Cassandra was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. She attended Saginaw Valley State University for her B.A. in English (2011) and Oakland University for her M.A. in English (2015). She currently works as an English tutor and a technical writer.

Circumstantial Fortune, a synopsis:
How does one take back the unforgivable? How does one carry on when no one else would be capable of living with themselves? Yet how can one give up when they’ve been taught their whole life that that isn’t an option? Circumstantial Fortune takes place in Meraki, one of only two final outposts of humanity on earth, and is an intimate yet disjointed look at the life and times of Joseph Inganno, one of the Others, the magical beings tasked with keeping Meraki and its neighbor Lacuna thriving and above sea level. Choices made impulsively, with the best of intentions, while still well within the bounds of the folly of youth, haunt Joseph in his circumstances – and unexpected happiness – of the first chapter. Circumstantial Fortune is a raw, twisted snapshot of Joseph’s childhood and youth, his teenage exile, the work of his young adulthood that earned his infamy, and the grossly improbable, rash decisions that situated him in the comfort and prominence of his thirties and forties. Circumstantial Fortune is the first in the Last Call Series, and it sets the stage for earth’s last two nations at war, both within their own borders and from multiple forces without.

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