Cassandra Mason (M.A.) is 31 years old, she lives in Michigan with her husband and five cats. Her first book, Circumstantial Fortune, is due to be published January 2020. Synopsis below. Want to contact Cassie? Email: CircumstantialCassandra@gmail.com

            It is both a known fact and a French proverb that even the best wine has dregs. How fitting, since humanity’s time can now be best measured not in mortal years, or by any spiritual calendar, but as a bottle of wine being poured out. At the population’s zenith there were fifteen billion people. Then the world started disappearing, whole continents flooded and slid beneath the boiling ocean, and the dregs of humanity, called Others, came about. All that now remains of earth are two islands – one five times the size of the other – sustained and protected by Others. Their centuries-old brethren were the reason neither country faced the scourge of colonialism; that anyone allowed onto their shores was surely never to leave them. Practices developed then continued to serve well while the rest of the world was lost. Decades into Lacuna and Meraki’s lonely statuses as humankind’s last outposts, one young man has influenced the history of Meraki all his life, despite his own wishes and intentions. Circumstantial Fortune is a disjointed yet intimate look at his life, the men he loves, and the choices he makes, all of which serve as the perfect example of how deeply enmeshed lives can become when existence is on the brink of extinction.