Trying not to be too sad, because it’s the last thing he would’ve wanted.

Felix in his…chubbiest prime…lol

It’s not exactly easy, after having lived with him for fourteen years, to just not have him here, but it was time. This is a first in my adult life. About four years ago I euthanized a pet rabbit after a different one had died at home, about eight years ago when I still lived up north we had a young cat die from complications of a falling incident but I’ve never done a scheduled cat death before. And I feel it’s rather fitting that I feel so odd without him here. It would be a million times worse if I didn’t have my other cats.

We put him down last night. The vet was great, per our request they sedated him before they even tried to put his catheter in. So he was like super stoned when he went out, which was nice, he was very calm. We brought him home. Honestly I didn’t want to pay to have him cremated with a ton of strangers or pay thru the nose to have him cremated privately, and this way we can bury him with our other cat…at some point. We could in no way drive his body up to the yard she is in today, we got hit with 8” snow last night.

So I’m sad and I’ll think about him forever and I’ll always miss Felix, the sweetest cat who ever lived. But I hope he’s comfortable and happy now, and I don’t think he could’ve been under any doubt as to how much we loved him.

I was 18 when I found him at the pound, this unbelievably sweet, nuzzly three month old Siamese. I have no idea of his earliest life, only that he wound up at midland animal control as a stray. But I do know that from that hot July day that I brought him home until last night, Felix was the sweetest, nicest, loudest cat who ever did live. He loved people, particularly the ladies, and despised other cats.

More than once when I was crying over things overworked 18-21 year old women who are slowly estranging from their family and trying to find a new one cry over and Felix and Oscar came to comfort me, I would say “Boys it looks like it’s just going to be us.”

Then I met my husband, and like eight years later Felix started liking him 😂 This is one of the many pictures we took of Felix’s last evening.

Remember to snuggle your kitties, or whatever pets 💗